What is Texas hold’em?

Texas hold’em is a famous variation of poker game. In this game 2 cards that are hold and hole cards are played face down to each and every player.

And in the later 3 stages community cards that are 5 in number are played face up. The three stages are namely the flop, the turn or Fourth Street, the river or Fifth Street.  From the combination of community cards 5 cards are chosen and played as hole cards.

Playing the board is a title given o the person whose all 5 best cards are community cards and not a single out of them is hole card. Texas hold’em is a type of community card poker.  It is played clockwise with French deck of 52 cards.

Objective of the game

Texas hold’ em is similar to other variants of poker, wherein a player plays to win the total amount of money or chips at the table of all other players.

This variant of poker is divided into deals or hands. The player who wants to win do not need to win every single hand he just needs to think what other player is thinking and make a advance move by making influential bets.

A winner is expert in making other player increase the bet amount how his own cards on right time to win maximum. 


This game of poker is supposed to have started in early 1900 at Robstown Texas. I 1967 Texas hold’em variant was introduced to Las Vegas.

This was the time hen high aces are changed into low ones.  At an early stage Golden Nugget Casino was the only casino in Las Vegas that offered this game to players.

Rules of the game

The first rule of the game is that it is generally played using big and small bets, commonly known as blind bets.  After the shuffle of the cards, the game begins with 2 faces down cards. And at the start of the game the player with the smaller bets get the first card; on the other hand the last card is given to the player who is in the button seat.

Most of the poker players advice that, to play Texas hold’em poker a player must make few but tight bets raising the amount at stake in each and every bet.

Betting structure

Tax hold’em poker is played as both tournament and cash game. It is also played as ring game, and the strategy of every game varies in one or the other way from each other. Games involving real money are known as ring or cash game.

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