The concept of sports betting

Sports betting is most common and easiest way of betting and is prevalent all around the world. Some of the countries has made sports betting is legal while in some other countries it is not accepted.

In layman language sports’ betting involves predicting the result of the game prior or during the game. The winner is the person or the player whose prediction is on the mark.

Different styles of sports betting

Moneyline Bets

Money line bets neither has handicap or spread. The team picked by the payer pays lesser odds than the underdog.

Spread betting

In spread betting bets are placed against the favorable team. And more points are offered on the team which is not likely to win.

Proposition bets

Proposition bets are the Bets placed on very certain and specific result of the game.  In a handball game it is certain that one or the other team or a specific player will make a goal. So predicting the number of goals by a player or team comes within the category of proposition bets.


In parlay a player or the wager makes one or more bets and there are chances of him earning a huge stash of money. Parlays are very risks as the wager only gains when all the predictions made by him are true. Even if one of the predictions is wrong the player losses the entire amount at stake.

Progressive parlays

Progressive parlay is bit different from regular parlays as the wager still gains, if some of the predictions made by the wager is correct out of several others made by him.


In teaser a wager has to bet on two or more different games and get the correct result for all the predictions made by him in order to win. There is no profit for the player even if one or more than one bets go wrong.

If bets

In if bet there are at least two bets with if condition, and the result of one bet affects the other bet.

There are numerous sports betting styles in addition to the above bets which are explained in detail in . The website is very helpful for individuals who have no idea about the sports betting.

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Bookies and book making

The bookies or a bookmaker makes the market for sport betting in any particular region. Bookmakers are susceptible to both profits and losses. Book makers also provide the useful insight into the game to assist the bettor.

What are sports odds in sports betting?

The odd in sport betting can be described as the ratio between the amount and stake and the probability of winning a certain amount

Legal aspect of sports betting

In United States of America sports betting is legal instead in the states of Nevada, Montana, Oregon and Delaware. On the other hand betting in European nation is not criminalized but regulated.