Background of horse racing

Horse racing is a popular sport and is enjoyed all over the world. Horse racing is one of the ancient sports which made its presence in western and Middle Eastern countries.

Betting on horses is as old as horse racing itself. Bets are laid on the horses by the bookmakers or general public at the betting exchanges established on the venues of horse racing.

In horse racing horses are made to run a fixed distance and the winner is decided upon the horse completing the race first. Jockeys are the professionals that ride on the back of the horse in order to direct them to the finishing point.

Horse racing came to lime light first when Greeks introduced horse racing in Olympic Games.  There are hundreds of tournaments that celebrate the spirit of horse racing across the globe.

Following are some of the horse racing tournaments which are prestigious and grand and are perfect destination for bettors to bet on their favorite horses.

Different horse racing tournaments across the globe:


AJC derby is group 1 thoroughbred horse race which allows entry to only 3 year old horses in its races. This race is the best race for three year old horses and is equally famous in Australia and New Zealand. The distance of the race is 2400 meters. Thomas hales is the jockey with the most wins in the race with 6 wins.


Kris flyer international sprint takes place in kanji racecourse in Singapore. The total distance of this race is 1200 meters.  Kris flyer international started in Singapore in 2001.


Gran Premio horse race is an internally reputed horse race with participants from all over the world.  The race is primarily for horses above 3 years. The total distance of the race in Gran Premio is of 2500 meters.


Good wood cup is racing a tournament that is of flat race format. The sponsor of the race is Qatar. The race in gold wood cup is of 2 miles. Double trigger is the horse with maximum 3 wins in the race.


Irish oaks race was started in 1895, and is sponsored by Darley. The race type of the tournament is flat or thoroughbred. The race distance to finish the race is 2414 meters.  Johnny Murtagh is the leading jockey with six wins in the tournament.


Derby Italiano horse racing tournament is held at Capanelle racecourse in Italy.  This race was initiated in 1884.  This tournament has flat or thoroughbred race type.  The distance of the race is 2200 meters and is run on right handed track. Federico Regoli is the jockey with the maximum of 8 wins in the tournament.


American oaks race takes place in the state of California in San Anita Park Arcadia. It is one of the premiere horse racing tournaments in USA.  The American oaks horse racing tournament started in 2002. The distance of the race is 2000 meters.


Arima Kinen race course takes place in Nakayama racecourse.  The race was inaugurated in 1956. The race type of the Arima Kinen horse racing tournament is flat race.  To win the tournament the participating horse should cover 2500 meters in minimum time.


Auckland cup is held in Ellerslie racecourse in Auckland. The tournament was first held in 1874, and has flat racing format. The horses allowed in the tournament are of 3 years and above.  The distance of the race is 3200 meters.


Meydan racecourse in Dubai hosts the Dubai duty free stakes horse racing tournament. This horse racing tournament in Dubai started in 1996. To total distance to be covered by a horse to win the race is 1800 meters.

There are more than hundred tournaments that take place around the world throughout the world, and you can get the information about all these tournaments on our website

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