In august 1920 representatives from Akron pros, Cleveland Indians, Dayton triangles and canton bulldogs held a meeting to form American professional football conference.

The conference held by the group of representatives is believed to have lifted up the standard of football in America. In 1960 the rival of the national football league came into existence which was called American football league.

Soon the two leagues merged in 1966 as the popularity of the NFL was too high. Pete Rozelle is considered as the man behind the overhauling of the league from 1960 to 1989. The stint of Rozelle as the commissioner of the NFL made the tournament immensely popular in North America.

All about National Football League

The present commissioner of the league is Roger Goodell. At present total of 32 teams take part in the tournament every season. In 2015 the champions of the national football league was Denver Broncos, which was their 3rd title.

Green Bay Packers is the team with maximum of 13 title wins in the league. National football league has tie-up with various sports broadcasters like CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN, NFL Network, and Tele Mundo.

Corporate culture of the league

NFL Is bit different from other sports league when it comes to corporate affairs. NFL acts as a trade association comprising 32 teams.

Management of all these teams finances the national football league. Till 2015 NFL was exempted from taxes. It comes under the fold of taxation because of the criticism from the general public.

Format of the season

Full tournament of NFL is divided into pre season and regular season stages. Pre season is a four week long competition, so that team can adapt to the conditions and changes in their respective teams.

After the pre-season, regular season starts which lasts up to seventeen weeks. Each team in regular season plays 16 games. The play-off of the season has 12 teams fighting to reach super bowl or the finals of the national football league.

Trophies and awards of the league

Three trophies have been used in order to felicitate the winners of the championship.  The very first trophy in 1920 was Brunswick-Balke Collender cup.

Trophy named Ed Thorp Memorial trophy was awarded to the winners of national football league from 1934 to 1969. The present Trophy of the NSF is known as Vince Lombardy Trophy.

There are number of categories out of which the best nominee is awarded. Some of such categories are AP most valuable Player, AP most offensive player of the year, AP defensive player of the year, defensive rookie of the year, and Walter Payton man of the year award. 

Scope for betting in NFL

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