Owners of the influential ice hockey arenas established the basketball association of America in 1946. The first game was played at maple leaf gardens in Canada between Toronto huskies New York knickerbockers.

In this league the man to score the first basket was Ossie Schemetan of the New York team.  After this it was BAA, which became the first basketball league played in major arenas of the cities.  The first BAA league was won by Baltimore Bullets.

Officially the logo of NBA came into existence in 1971 and has remained the same since then. Presently there are 29 teams from all over America and only one from Canada that are part of this prestigious basketball league.  In 1949 the main rival of national basketball association merged with national basketball league. 

All about Game

Basketball all over the world is administered by International Basketball Federation. NBA is a vital member of USA basketball, which governs NBA. The current champion of NBA is Cleveland Cavaliers, which has won the title for the very first time.

Boston Celtics has the record of most titles in history.  Adam Silver is the administrator and commissioner of NBA. The headquarters is in Olympic tower. The two television broadcast channels NBA TV and NBA entertainment have their head offices in New Jersey in Secaucus.

It is a league in which lot of money is involved by the sponsors. The secret of its financially is its craze and viewership all over the world. The tickets starts from $10 to $30000. Its players are highest paid players by means of average annual salary per player.

Michael Jordan is the most glamorous player of NBA. He joined in 1984. He was part of Chicago bulls. Michael Jordon’s popularity gave boost to NBA. In the start of 1998 many more cities wanted their teams in NBA. Some of the team that became part of this league in 1998 was charlotte hornets, Minnesota Timberwolves, Miami heat and Orlando magic.

In the year 1996 NBA launched the league for Women. In 1992 Olympic the dream team from America for the Olympic constituted popular players including  David Robinson, Charles Barkley, john Stockton, Clyde Drexler, Patrick Ewing and Michael Jordan.


NBA playoffs start in April with 8 teams in every group eyeing at the championship. In a best of seven series each team compete each other to win four games which help to advance to the next level.

In the next round the winning team of one group plays with the advancing team of another group. And team at different positions within a group play with the other group team in same position and winning teams enter the finals.

Scope for betting

Scope of betting in this league is immense as various bookers and public bet on various aspects of the game like, maximum number of basket a player or a team scores or the number of baskets scored by the player in a given round.

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