History and concept of Blackjack

The origins of Blackjack can be traced back to 1600. Blackjack is the game majorly played in casinos all over the globe. It is a sort of comparing game of cards between player and the dealer involved in the game. In this game players compete with dealers and not with fellow players.

Blackjack is played with one or sometimes more than one decks of cards (a deck has 52 cards). A player can defeat the dealer by getting 21 points in the first 2 cards.

Rules while playing Blackjack

In casinos, the dealer has to face different playing positions behind the semi-circular table ranging from 5 to 7. At the start of the game maximum of three players can place the bet within the betting box.

According to rules of back betting there should be up to 3 players positioned at a table at the time of the game. If a player makes a bet at the front of the betting box, he is said to have control over the game for the instance.  After the control over the game is declared by the player, the dealer consults with him about decisions of the play involving the hand. Meanwhile the other players who are not the controlling player are called “play behind”.

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Insurance concept involved in Blackjack

Insurance concept is involved in order to save the player in the controlling position from heavy losses at the game. A player can opt for insurance if the dealer posses ace as an upcard.  If the player opts for insurance at this stage of the game he can be secured before dealer happens to check the card.

The insurance factor is there to increase the speculation about the second card of the dealer as there is no option for the insurance is available to the player.

Tournaments around the world

It is a betting game which can be played in tournaments format around the world.  In the tournament players are allowed to start with equal number of chips distributed among them.  The goal for these players is to finish with maximum chips, in order to gain ranking among top chip holders.

Then duration of the tournament depends upon the number of competitors, greater the number of competitors results in greater number of rounds.

The other format of the tournament is Elimination Blackjack. In elimination player with lowest stack of chips is eliminated from the table.

Most of the famous casinos which include 888Casino, Jackpot Casino, All Slots, William Hill organize Blackjack tournaments throughout the year.

Video Blackjack, the latest version of the game

Nowadays video Blackjack is very common and famous among casinos. In video Blackjack card counting is less effective because each coup is started with a fresh coup and is more favorable to the house.