The concept and history of horse racing

Horse racing is simply a race between two horses which are guided by their respective riders or jockeys over a predetermined distance.

The horse and the jockey who finishes the race in less time is the winner of the race. All over the world horse racing is popular as its ancient spot and has been favorable for betting since then.

Many of the horse racing venues have gambling station where bettors can place their bets on the desired horses.

Toronto Dominion Bank, colonial Cup, and the Carolina cup are the main tournaments that see lot of betting on horses.

Variants of horse racing

Flat Racing

Flat racing is the most common form of horse racing and is extremely popular. Flat racing takes place on tracks that are oval in shape.  There is Maximum of eight tracks in flat racing. Epsom race course is flat horse racing avenue.

The turf of the race course can be both synthetic and a dusty one.  Dubai world cup is famous tournament which test the stamina and speed of the participating horses.

Jump racing

Jump racing mostly takes place in Ireland and Great Britain.  Jump racing are also national hunt racing. In these races obstacles are placed on the tracks and horses are required to jump over these obstacles and reach the finishing point.

There are different obstacles for horses of different age group. A young horse has to cross simple obstacles in young age and later on when the horse grows on, it can be used I races involving hurdling and steeplechase.

Endurance racing

The enduring racing is the most entertaining form of horse racing because sometimes the distance is very short and sometimes kilometers away.

Not only this there races that go on for days. In these races horses are tested under natural terrains. Endurance racing began in California in Tevis cup 1955. The world record for toughest endurance race is in the name of Mongol derby where horses were made to run 1000 kilometers. is the perfect website to know more about horse racing as the website has various blogs by experienced bettors and they can help you with anything you want to know about horse racing and betting.

Training of horses

Training of horse depends in various factors which include race length, genetics of horse, skeletal perfection, age of the horse and training schedule.

Racing routine of horses should be such that they do not get any injury. Every racing horse should be given good rest and healthy diet. In most of the cases young horses are the one who suffered from injuries because their skeletal system is not mature.

Betting Exchanges

A market place or a horse racing avenue where punter and inviduals can do betting with the book maker is referred to as booking exchange.  Market conditions decide the odds in horse racing which are controlled by the active members.

Betting on horses can be done through world famous gambling centers like 888 casino, jackpot casino, and William Hill.