Where and how did stud poker originated?

Stud poker is one of the most famous and old poker variants. Stud poker was first heard of in the American revolutionary war. Back then it was played with only four cards.

The game was very famous among soldiers during American civil war. The reason behind it popularity among soldiers back then was the promptness and the unpredictable nature of the game.

Recently the latest format of the game which is called seven- card stud has also gained massive popularity among the masses all over the world. The game is also widely played in plush casinos all over the world, and mainly in western countries.

The game of stud poker

The effectiveness and entertainment factor of the game lies on the repetitions of betting rounds.  The betting round must affiliate with the betting structures in order to get the game going.

In contrast stud poker games with lesser betting rounds, such as Mississippi and 5 card stud. Shorter betting rounds go well with all the betting structures of the game. Not only this, games with fewer betting rounds can be played with pot limit as well as no limit.

Stud poker game with more betting rounds is best suited for games in which the limit is spread or fixed. The most important point to remember while playing the game is that every limit should be higher than the previous limit, which is essential to increase the risk involved in the game.

The other important rule of stud poker is that, the player when playing in open pair should be allowed to make a bigger bet in the second round of the game.

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Different casinos use different combination of the game, but most of the casinos implement the game with smaller limit for the first three rounds of the game instead for the first 2.

In stud poker it is a tradition that betting rounds to be named after the number of cards in the hands of players at the start of the game. The last round of the game is termed as “end” or “river”.

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Kinds of stud poker

There are more than 10 variants of stud poker but the most famous amongst them are:

Six Card Stud: Six Card Stud is very similar to seven card stud. In six card stud final face-up round is not played.

Eight or better high low stud: this is the most common type of low and high split stud. In this the pot is divided between the player with the highest bet and the player with the lowest bet.

Mississippi Stud: Mississippi stud is popular because it is played in the seven-card stud format but with pot-limit and no limit.