The Epsom derby is the biggest horse racing tournament in the world. It takes place in Epsom, surrey in England. The Epsom derby tournament was launched in 1780. Epsom derby is conducted on flat race type format and is sponsored by Investec.

Epsom derby race is one of the five prestigious classics. Horses only 3 year old are allowed to compete in the Epsom derby race.  The race is held over the distance of 2423 meters.

The Epsom derby race is also known as “Blue Riband”.  The tournament has wide overseas audience because the tournament is televised all over the world.


The origin of Epsom derby can be traced back to 1779.  It originated just after the oak stakes first run, that was also in 1779.

In the very first Epsom derby race  sir Charles Bunbury’s horse Diomed won the race, and was awarded with the prize of  euro 1100. This horse race has been continuously arranged in Epsom except the years when the world wars were taking place.

Many horse racing tournaments across the globe including Derby Italiano, Irish derby, and French derby are inspired by Epsom derby.


The first major sponsor of Epsom derby was ever ready which sponsored the tournament from 1994 to 1984. After that Vodafone sponsored the race that was from 1995 to 2008. Currently the derby is sponsored by Investec; the sponsorship bond started from 2009 and is valid till 2022.

The Epsom fair

From past many years the tournament was held on Thursday or Wednesday. So on these days the organizers witnessed huge crowds not for race but for other entertainment activities held parallel to the race.

This is proved by the account given by the famous English writer Charles dickens in 1850, where he saw magicians, clowns, and singers performing to entertain the crowd.

It was this atmosphere because of the race which was later known as Epsom Fair and is held till date.  Due to the dip in the popularity of fair, now it is only held for 3 days instead of 10 days.


Lester Piggott is the leading jockey with 9 wins.

Record for maximum wins a trainer is held by Robert Robson for his 7 wins in this tournament.

The owner who has won maximum races at Epsom is Sue mangier who has registered a total of 6 wins.

Scope for betting in the tournament

Epsom derby attracts bettors from all over the world. As the most exciting and unpredictable horse races takes place here. Bet is typically made on the horses and the bet is won is the horse wins. There are various bookies that are there to lay bets.

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