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Texas hold’em: the game of poker that is special

What is Texas hold’em? Texas hold’em is a famous variation of poker game. In this game 2 cards that are hold and hole cards are played face down to each and every player. And in the later 3 stages community cards that are 5

Champions of the prestigious world series of poker

World Series of poker is the much hyped and prestigious tournament of poker. The tournament is held every year in Las Vegas since 1970. World Series of poker offers large sum of money to winners of the main event and bracelet winners. Here are

World Series of poker: A carnival for gamblers and poker lovers

Concept World Series of poker is annually held in Las Vegas, the city known for epic gambling culture, entertainment and nightlife. World Series of poker comprises of number of poker games in a single tournament. World Series of poker has been a popular destination

Face down and face up with stud poker

Where and how did stud poker originated? Stud poker is one of the most famous and old poker variants. Stud poker was first heard of in the American revolutionary war. Back then it was played with only four cards. The game was very famous

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