Speedway World Championship is an international competition popular throughout the world. In this event, world’s highest ranked motorcycle riders compete for the title. Watching bike races at Speedway World Championship is really enjoyable and fun-filled. The live telecast of events of this tournament is also available by various sports TV platforms.

The 2016 Speedway Grand Prix season was started on April 30. For this season, there are total 15 permanent riders, one wild card, and 2 track reserves. Eight riders from the 2015 championship, three from the Grand Prix Challenge, and four are nominated by the series promoters, Benfield Sports International. Since start, total 7 events are being held, which were very interesting. Motorbike racing fans are excited about the upcoming events.

To have ultimate fun of the Speedway World Championship, you can bet on the motorcycle races. Your heart will beat fast every second throughout the race. If the rider you have bet on win, you will feel like you have won the race. It gives utmost satisfaction and happiness. Betting on motorbike competitions is not as easy as it seems. Collecting information about different riders, tracking performances, seeing online charts, etc. are the keys to success. Read motorbike news couple of times a week, and see which rider is performing well, and watch his heat videos on the internet if possible. More the information you have about the riders, more will be your chances to choose the right rider to bet on.

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